Sunday, October 31, 2010


Who are you
on Halloween?

My friend Dan
still "doesn't get"

Is it all about
the candy?

Certainly Dan and I don't enjoy
the blood and gore.

We see too much of that
at work.

But as the night progresses...

...and I ask
each trick-or-treater
if I can take a picture...

... some are surprised...

....but most are just thrilled
to get their pictures taken.

Many even say thank-you
for taking their picture.

So I still think Halloween
is a lot about the costumes....

...dressing up
and being someone different
this one night of the year.

Certainly my own family
has enjoyed our
"dress-up night"
over the years...

From the year Tom scared KC
by showing up
as a tall, wordless
Darth Vader... the year Alex's friends
scared us all on our Halloween
nightly walk around The Land...

We've enjoyed our
Halloweens as a family.

In fact,
I wonder now
if our annual family pictures -

- so sweet

- so proper

...should have been
taken at Halloween times

Whatever it is
about Halloween... is still
our favorite
night of the year.


  1. PS. I bought the feather mask 23 years ago when I was pregnant with Alex.

  2. Thanks for taking all of those pictures of your trick or treaters. We live in the country and never have them come to our door. That's one thing I miss about living in town...the neighborhood kids at Halloween.

  3. Halloween will always be the best =D and we still have that mask it is my favorite thing ever! I want to use that one day =) loved all the pics of us as kids!

  4. ...and the pic of Dad as Darth Vader? Or does that still traumatize you?

  5. There is a very interesting tradition out here (elaborated on in Halloween tree) Dia de las Meurtos
    And in that tradition the day is about remembering those who have passed.
    One of the traditions is to make a "sugar skull" of someone. Norma did it as a classroom project as a walk in art teacher in one of the kids' classes years ago. Brilliant stuff came out of that.