Friday, October 15, 2010

Bike Ride to Baker Park

Home from work now...

Gotta feed the pets...

Then, crunching the leaves,
I go off
on a little bike ride...

...past old Baker Park.

Main Street
is lit up
with fall color today.

There's the road
to Melissa's house...

...a house I visited a lot
when Melissa and I
were working on the FUN playground project.

Riley School -

brief visit to the playground.

We never had cool monkey bars like this
at my old Parker School.

On up Main Street
to Baker Park
full of big old trees
and walkers.

I hear we might lose
several of the old trees at Baker Park...

...victims of hundreds of little feet
compressing the soil
and the roots.

I hope we can save
some of these grand old trees.

I visit the FUN Playground
in Baker Park.

Melissa and I
worked thousands of hours
to bring this dream to life.

It's hard to believe
it's been over ten years
since that grand building week...

...when thousands of volunteers
of every age and size
gathered together
to build this marvelous playscape.

I'm so glad Healthy Communities
is still taking care of our playground.

I always remember
the deaf family who hung
this red swing.

Melissa used sign language
to show them how.

I love watching kids today
still enjoying
our FUN playground.

I bike back to Main Street

turn at the fiery trees

and buzz down Parkview.

Quick side trip to Hosier Drive

to visit the house

where I grew up

so many years ago.

Bike on down to State Road 3
to Arbys
for my dinner.

Biking back home, I pass my old church.

The setting sun gives it a warm glow.

I remember the days
of walking to church
from Hosier Drive.

Back up Main Street

the shafts of sun
brighten the corners
of quiet houses.

And Jeffery Street
gleams with colors
I never noticed before.

Did you miss me, Stubby?


  1. awwww looks like bubbsie missed you! and I know my rottie did he hates not having someone's arm to chew on =D

  2. Thanks for the trip down memory lane! Love the pictures of Baker Park and Main Street. Such familiar sights, but many miles away for me now. And how right you are...we were a little short on the playground equipment at Parker School. lol

  3. beautiful! We live on Main and I frequently walk/bike the short 1.5 miles to Baker Park. Your photos and captions are captivating. Thank you for sharing. I love your kitty waiting for you.....

    Missy Wallace

  4. Ah, but now my kitty has moved to Indy so I just come home to the wagging of dogtails.