Sunday, October 24, 2010

I love books!

Three things I love...




I can't go home today.

The real estate lady
is showing the house.

So I go to The Land -

The Little House -

....where I'm surrounded
by my books.

KC moved all my books here
when I returned from America.

So now when I need to visit old friends

or find just the right book
for my mood....

...I have to go to
The Little House.

I begin stacking my bookly friends.

Gardening books here...

Travel books there....

Oddly enough,
the Simplicity stack is the largest.

The cooking stack
is the shortest.

I have my stack of Dummies books...

...including KC's favorite -

Rottweilers for Dummies.

In one book
I find an old
Halloween invitation.

The Steussy-Williams Halloween party
was famous in those days.

I need to find our copy
of The Halloween Tree.

I read that to the kids
at night

under the old Hickory Tree
by flashlight.

It's the best read-aloud book
in the world!

Mr Moundshroud.

Even his name opens your mouth
in lugubrious tones.

I remember so fondly
reading to the kids
every night
by candlelight.

When I retire
I've decided my job
should be reading to kids.

There's no place
I'd be happier.

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  1. i loooooove books! and please keep that halloween invitation! awwww i miss our halloween parties! and i love the land in the fall!