Saturday, October 9, 2010

Ready for the Hilly Hundred?

do you think I'm ready
for the Hilly Hundred 2010?

I've been biking hills for weeks.

In New Castle,
the cemetery and Kroger hills.

In Fishers,
the Geist Hills.

But do these legs still have the stuff?

We will find out
this weekend.

I go out today
for a last round
of the Geist Hills.

I get up that first hill
with a little palpitation
of the heart.

Legs warming up.

The Hill to the airplane
isn't too tough today.

And the Indian hill?

- the Killer -

I reach the top
with gears to spare!

But does that mean
I can handle 5,202 feet of climb
in one day?!

We shall see.

The good news is the weather.

Absolutely perfect...

...if you like blue skies

and a warm disposition.

The fall foliage map says we aren't at peak.

We have "patchy" color.

I think
I may like patchy
best of all.

I love having the contrast
of a bright red maple
startle me out of the darkness.

I love the brilliance
of the orange
against the blue sky.

I'd say give me patchy any day.

Long drive to Bloomington.

I study Spanish on the way.

Como estas?

Registration at the Ellettsville High School

- very slick -

I'm out of there
in five seconds flat.

I have to buy
the pullover hat.

I love the bright colors!

On to my hotel
for the weekend.


The ambiance reminds me of
the places we stayed
on the Ride Across America.

If I lean out the window
I can almost see
a Borders Bookstore.

As I pause tonight
at the trunk of the car
I remember our first Hilly Hundred.

It was Al and me.

She was about 13.

That night
when we finally got to a hotel
I opened the trunk of the minivan in the dark.

Where is your suitcase, Alex?

I packed it - she said meekly.

But she had neglected
to put it in the car.


Preparation is the key.

I've been preparing for weeks.

I hope I'm ready for this...

Tomorrow's blog: Hilly Hundred Saturday


  1. It's 5 p.m. here in Portland, ME and 55 degrees--I'm so jealous that it's 83 in Bloomington and 86 predicted for tomorrow! I know you can bike it all with no problem and take beautiful pics, too! Let's see a pic of you with your new hat on!

  2. you can make it! and spanish?? i guess you gave up on Arabic =(

  3. لم أكن!

    That means "I did not!" in Arabic.

  4. We had a great Hilly Ellen - though it got incredibly warm for Indiana in October. We are used to the frost on the pumpkin...