Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Biking New Castle

I wake up in New Castle...

First morning I bike to work after biking all across America.

But before work...

...a spin around the countryside.

Corn all around me...

....and the occasional sunflower.

Foxtails sparkle with dew...

But what's this weed attacking the corn?

How can something so beautiful be considered a weed?

Under my feet the ground is so dry.

The grass crunches.

I hear we're on track to be the driest August in history.

Morning glories at The Little House.

But I have work calling me.

Time to turn around and go back to town...

The old county courthouse.

Clock frozen at 7:30.

The Arts Park.

This corner of New Castle was a junk yard eyesore before Vicki Hale got ahold of it.

We still have dew on the leaves.

It's early enough.

I have time for a brief walk.

And look!

More morning glories!

They're everywhere!

Time for work.

The hospital.

I've worked there since I was 16.

Today is the big retirement party.

Sue and Judy.

These wonderful ladies have worked for us for over 40 years.

My Dad hired them when I was just a child.

They remember me in pigtails.

I can't imagine not seeing Judy and Sue at work everyday.

It's time to go home.

Back to Fishers where my family waits for me.

It's tough living in two places.

Traffic jam on 70.

An hour spent parked on the interstate.

Dang! It's hot outside!

Phone is dead.

No way to call home.



Get me outta here!

Finally... I get to Brixton Lane.

Sprinklers out back.

Baby trees dripping with gratitude.

Tom and Kitty waiting for me.

Home at last.

Monday, August 30, 2010

...and then there's Alex

Alex is with us for a week...

...between New York

and California.

We manage to get in a couple of bike rides.

Our bikes are still with UPS

So she gets to ride Tom's big ol' bicycle.

Down the Monon Trail...

Visiting Al's friend, Annie.

Braving 86th Street to get to the bike shop.

Al does pretty well on Tom's "Old Goat"

so I treat her to lunch at Trader's Point Creamery -

Grass fed dairy farm at the edge of Zionsville.

Great yogurt parfait!

And it comes from happy cows.

Al spends her weekend camping out with friends...

...and exploring The Land.

Then returns home for one last bike ride with Mom.

on real bikes now.

We pass fellow bikers...

Little do they know these two little ladies have just biked all the way across the country.

It's hard to believe just two short weeks ago we were facing the mountains of Vermont.

Now we face the flats of Indiana on a simple ride to Pendleton for lunch.

The Cabbage Rose Eatery.

We love the little Mom and Pop cafes!

- Mom, you're faster in Indiana than you were on The Bike Ride.

- Al, I'm well-rested and well-fed.

It makes all the difference!

Our ride is too short.

It's time for Al to return to Occidental.

Good-bye from friend Annie.

One last hug from brother TJ.

And she's off for her last year of college.

And who knows where she'll go from there?