Saturday, August 28, 2010

Leaving Home

The bookshelves are empty.

While I've been gone

biking across America

KC has been packing up the old family home.


Take the bed.

Pack away the clothes.

But, please, leave me my books!

We don't need this big old house anymore.

The three girls are in college.

Tom, the boy and
Dusty have moved an hour away to Fishers

so TJ can go to HSE...

It's just me, two dogs and a Stubby-cat left in New Castle.

The movers come...

They take away the kids' beds.

What's left behind?

The stuff under the beds....

(sounds like a horror movie)

A lone sandle

A jigsaw puzzle

A guitar book for a boy who never learned guitar.

Nicky -

the single boot

a flashlight

and a green box I dare not open.

KC left a ton behind....

Beauty and the Beast

and Mountain Dew.


There's nothing there...

But don't worry.

I have a wonderful place to move in New Castle.

The Little House.

Built in the 1800s - it was too small for our big family.

We bought it because it was on The Land - 33 acres of farmland that we've converted to nature.

All my books are there now.

I have a bed.

...and a desk.

All I need is internet access and I'll be happy.

Won't it be wonderful to wake up in the morning surrounded by prairie?

But this morning my sunrise is at the airport.

KC has said good-bye to her kitty.

She is off to ASU in North Carolina.

Studying Arabic and business.

Quite the combination.

Nicky is leaving for IUPUI in Indianapolis.

I expect we'll see her when she runs out of groceries.

Al is still on the east coast visiting with friends.

TJ is off to HSE...

Tom and Kitty eat breakfast in peace.

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  1. i miss my kitty!!! and that is the saddest picture of marsh i have ever seen! =(