Monday, October 25, 2010

Alex's Visit

Alex came home
for the weekend!

She had a wedding
to attend...

...a bro to beat
at ping-pong...

...and gluten-free treats
to make for her Dad.

And what has she been up to
since her bike ride across America?

She has biked
from Occidental
to the ocean -


She has hung out
with friends...

...and she has tested her limits
at Joshua Tree National Park.

For fall break
she and her friends
decided to visit Joshua Tree.

She called me  - mad.

- Mom!
why didn't you
take us here as kids?

This place is amazing!

The boulders are perfect for climbing.

Just enough texture to get a grip...

and climb she did.

She and friend Saya
had different methods
to reach a peak.

Saya was intrepid -


Al was more methodical -
planning out her approach to the top.

They reached the peak
from different directions.

...and descended together.

It got pretty hairy
on the way down

At one point the cliff forward was too steep
and the retreat too treacherous.

Saya had to grip Al's hands
and lower her -
inch by inch -
till she could jump down the last 5 feet.

Then Al had to brace her hands up
for Saya to jump down to.

When they reached the floor of the canyon,
they collapsed
trembling with exertion.

Al had a great
experience at
Joshua Tree National Park.

She has a great experience
whatever she does...

This daughter of mine
lives life to the limit.


  1. not impressed with that old wixy =D nice cake tho!

  2. Joshua Tree photos were taken by Saya. I wasn't there.