Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Geist Color

I've been so looking forward
to biking the Geist Hills
in full fall color!

Ripley the Bike
waits patiently...

...while I strap on my helmet
for today's colorful ride.

I didn't think Brixton Lane
had any fall color...

I was wrong!

The sky is beautiful today!

Puffy clouds.

No sign of rain.

On Fall Creek Road

Ripley waits

while I take pictures...

...of the early sun

lighting up the leaves.

Spin to the west

on 86th Street

and the reds grab my eye.

I'm not sure what color I like best.

Red, yellow, orange.

What I don't like is green!

Not this time of year.

More danged honeysuckle!

Where are my clippers?

This guy is 20 feet tall

and has a trunk the size of my thigh!


These woods belong to the fire department.

Maybe they could clear out the honeysuckle.

Then they could enjoy the wildflowers in the spring.

Turn left at Sargent Road.

Golden trees on the corner.

Halloween black cat
crouching in the leaves.

What's that scratchy noise?

I have a stowaway
zinging in my wheels.

I bike past Sargent Woods

with a scarlet red dogwood.

Best tree in the world...

White flowers in spring

Berries for birds in summer

and bright fall color.

I love dogwoods.

What's this?

A gated home...?

Doesn't the stark gate
detract from the hominess of a home?

Now I spin up Indian Hills Road.

I handle the hills with aplomb.

What's this?

A large limb in the road.

Luckily I have time to move it
out of the way.

I once read research about good deeds.

It seems whether you act like the good Samaritan

relates less to your inclination

and more to whether you have time.

I should try more
to have the time.

On to 71st Street.

We should bring our puppies over
for a dog wash.

Ripley has to wait again...

...while I enjoy
the reflections
in the river.

Up the big hill on Lee Road
to my old airplane site.

Perfect place
for a picnic today.

I lay back and contemplate
the colors of the leaves
against the blue sky.

Are we so lucky
to have a world like this?

...a day like this?

A breeze
sifts by -
creating a rain
of yellow leaves around me.

It's a gentle sound...

the falling of the leaves.

OK, Ripley!

I'm coming.

I've hardly seen a soul today.

But there's a boy with a bike.

A dirt track into the field.

- Can you jump that ditch?
I ask Michael.

- Yeah, he says.

But Noah can jump it higher.

Here comes Noah.


I feel tame now...

biking my Ripley

along the curving roads.

...and maybe a little lonely

just me and my bike.

But, look!

A new biker comes to join us!

It's cool biker dude, Tom.

He bikes with us
across the bridge at Geist...

....past the colorful trees
of 96th Street...

...and the cool pond
at Highland Springs.

...and on past Olio Road
into the country.

Look out for that hill
on Florida Road, Tom!

A brief stop
at Geist Park...

...hidden off the beaten track.

We enjoy the white sycamore trees
soaring to the skies...

...and the gold of the maples
along the roads.

Sit back, Tom,
and look up into the leaves.

On a golden autumn day
there's no better thing to do.

Ripley is so patient.

But we have
to head home now...

The sun is getting low...

...and we have two kitties
waiting at home for us...

....on this beautiful autumn day.


  1. Oh go ahead and make me homesick! I've been gone for nearly 36 years and I still miss the fall colors and weather of Indiana. Louisiana has many wonderful traits, but no fall to speak of, at least nothing to compare to this!

  2. love that black kitty pic in the leaves! perrrfect =D lol all your fall color pics are amazing! and I'm glad dad came and joined you on your bike ride leaving poor kitty to waste away =P

  3. great photos! Geist is beautiful this time of year

  4. Helen ,
    I just love your Blogs and the Fall photos are ....well.......too amazing for words... Thanks !

  5. Again, gorgeous pictures... such a pleasure to see. Thank you.