Friday, October 8, 2010

A Visit from Nicky

Look who's here for dinner tonight!

It's Nicky!

Home for an evening
from IUPUI.

Nicky - the missing child.

KC and Al

- on east and west  coasts -

call all the time.

Nicky is only a Facebook page.

So it's exciting to have her

come for a visit.

She and TJ loll on the grass

sharing sister/brother time.

She enjoys the treat
of a Tom-cooked meal.

She watches old videos
from their childhood.

Laughing at the scenes
of dress up days...

...and stuffed animal afternoons.

She tells me about the dream she had last week...

She's at Jeffery Street home -

We're all out front

- warm day -

Circling on scooters...

Climbing trees...

Sidewalk chalk...

- Life was so warm and good back then, she says.

When did it change?

Childhood is a powerful force, Nicky.

It shapes who you are...

...and how you think.

And you are so lucky.

You have three people in this world

who share with you -

your childhood...

your unique name...

your memories

and your future...

They are the best gift I've ever given you...

...your sisters
and your brother.

Tomorrow's Blog: Am I ready for the Hilly?


  1. omg amazing pictures!!! glad Nicky came home for a day I am jealous!

  2. Play wow with us.