Thursday, October 21, 2010

Koda the Dog

I never wanted
a Rottweiler.

It was kind of an accident
how we got one.

It all started
with Sidney and Marshall -

Two cute boxer-lab mixes
we got from a nearby farm.

They grew up together

All was happy.

Until the night Sidney
got hit by a car
and killed.

was inconsolable.

Her howling through the night
broke my heart.

She needed a friend.

So we went to the animal shelter
desperate to find her
a companion.

We checked
all the dog cages.

No dog seemed right.

Then KC said
- Mom, come look in the cat room

There, in a small cage, she had found
this little fluff of a puppy.

Bright-eyed, bouncy -
he was perfect!

-What breed is he, I asked.

-Rottweiler, said the worker.

My heart sank.

Rottweilers are mean!

One took down my friend Debbie
when she was biking.

My two vet friends confirmed my fears.

- Don't get him, they said.

- Find another puppy.

But my family
out-voted me.

We brought home
this little fluff ball
and named him Koda.

He grew...

...and grew.

Bigger every day
in size
and in our hearts.

Now we wouldn't have
any other dog...

Than our bouncing baby Rottweiler...



  1. ...he's just a puppy with a big heart

  2. awwww i fell in love with him as soon as i saw him in the cage beneath 3 very adorable kittens =P but you left out that you had to buy rottweilers for dummies before we took him home =D lol

  3. Thomas Steussy-WilliamsOctober 21, 2010 at 10:42 AM

    i would add "a big tongue" to comment one :P

  4. i like Picture 10 and 11 right next to each other

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