Thursday, October 28, 2010

Halloween Candy

TJ has a decision to make...

Does he want to hand out
Halloween candy?

or not?

They are so adorable!

How can I hand them chocolates
knowing children have been beaten
and enslaved to produce them?

He is so danged cute!

How can I feed him chocolate
that has been grown
by destroying rainforest?

Not gonna happen.

Mom is going shopping!

You want chocolate?

Let's go organic and fair trade!


I have options!

I even found lollipops!

Now TJ has the tough job
of choosing
our Halloween treats!

No, TJ.

Stubby can't help you.

And Dusty is way too busy!

Luckily Sister Alex
is here for the weekend.

She's more than happy
to help you
try out these
organic sweets.

Finally choices are made...

The treat basket is filled.

And anyone who wants
treats that care for the world...

...can come to the Steussy-Williams home
Saturday night.

1 comment:

  1. i want some yummy organic fair trade chocolate it is the best =D but i'll stick to my blondies cookies hehe