Thursday, October 7, 2010

A Busy Day at Brixton

Good morning Brixton.

And how are you today?

It's our anniversary

It was just two years ago
that Tom and I first met you.

Pretty well love at first sight.

I mean, the neighborhood was nice and all.

And the house
nicely decorated.

But it was the view
to the backyard
that won our hearts.

And today...
you are so cozy

- on a chilly
windy kind of autumn day -

that it makes it hard
for me to get out
for my Hilly Hundred training.

So nice

to sit in your dining room

and work on the latest blog.

But I get distracted

watching all the birds
scattering about the garden.

I take a break and take kitty
for a morning stroll.


What does he see?

Bad Kitty!

Put that poor mouse down!

TJ finally stumbles out of bed about noon.

He has important work to do today -

It's time for the candy corn in the ghost bowl.

No snacking, TJ!

And Tom has his work for the day.

Now that we've gotten some rain

that back lawn needs a good mow.

I've got so much to do...

I should be organizing
all those old family photos...

or putting my Bike across America blog
into a book somehow...

Pay bills

Sort mail

Hand wash

But before I finish today's blog

TJ turns on my favorite movie...

Shall We Dance.

How can I concentrate
on blogging and biking

when Richard Gere is dancing with JLo?

Hours pass unnoticed
while the sun crosses the sky.

By time the last dance fills the screen

it is way past time for my hill training.

I grab the red jacket

and head for the Geist Hills.

We're starting to get
some fall colors
to perk up my ride.

We might yet have
good color
for the Hilly Hundred
next weekend.

I only get in a few hills...

...before it's time to hop in the Prius

and go get Mom.

She has something
 to show me today
at Zionsville Meadows.

And what a surprise!

My Mom - 89 years old - has a new project.

She is making
my Bike Across America book
for me!!!

She was so excited to show me
she even turned off the Colts game.

I'm amazed at my mother - she's making layouts and importing data.

She uses that computer the way other moms might use a whisk.

She's calling those Picaboo folks and giving them what- for when they change the program on her.

I've got quite a Mom!

She joins us for dinner
at Brixton
so we can discuss


and blogs

and bikes.

With this project
she has a busy time ahead.

And we've had
a busy day ourselves.... Brixton.


  1. sounds like a perfect day!!! wish i had been there =) and way to go Grandma Gene =D

  2. Beautiful fall day. Hope the weather continues. Fall is my favorite season and October is my favorite month. Love the photos of your yard...great back yard view!

  3. And the Spears are still out here, Helen. Have so enjoyed your comments and pictures through the Fall.

  4. Thank you, Charley. I wondered if you were still reading.