Monday, October 4, 2010

Books by Candlelight

I wake up in the morning

and turn on the light...

...and I think about electricity.

Surely there's got to be a better way!

Good thing I've got
a solar tour today.

A beautiful solar rising.

All the clouds capture the sun

in dazzling colors.

But by 10:00 - rain descends.

Solar tour... the rain?

Ironic, yes?

I spend the morning watching

a cold hummingbird

drinking in the rain.

His last sip before he travels south.

The rain

slows to a drop

as I leave for my tour.

An eye opening experience...

We travel around Indianapolis.

We see solar collectors

at work sites...

...and backyards...

...and the coolest wind tower ever!

As I drive around...

from solar site

to wind...

....I remember our alternative energy

when the kids were little...

Come the autumn equinox...

We would turn off the lights.

It was Jubula day!

The kids would dance around
the special Jubula candle that night.

For the rest of the year we would eat dinner
every night
by candlelight.

With the warmth of the candles...

We didn't need the radiator on.

After dinner -

Tom's famous match magic trick!

As night wore on
we'd candle
up to Nicky's room.

I'd read to them by candlelight
with the kids
piled all around me.

And when the book was done...

We would blow the candles out.

It wasn't quite
the high tech energy
of a solar array...

...but we made memories.

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  1. but you weren't reading us Where the Wild things are =P you were reading us Lord of the Rings! and that candle picture is amazing the one that has the one candle blown out! very cool!