Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Searching for Color

Is this the last leaf?

Is the glorious color of fall
now gone?

I bike out 
to search for color.

Bare limbs hang on
to a few bright leaves.

Hanging together
before winter winds
blow them
to the ground.

Leaves who have already fallen
bring color to the grass.

Give my steps
that wonderful crunch of fall.

Which do I love more?

The bright sunshine yellow?



Lighting up the shadows?

Or the brilliant reds?



Almost angry.

I find a tree here...

a tree there...

...that has held on
to it's color....

...long after the other trees
have settled for sleep.

Tonight is my Mom's
Celebration of Life.

One year ago
we thought we'd lost her.

I flew home from Italy...
thinking it was for her funeral.

But she held on...

she bounced back...

Her life is different now...

...on dialysis at Zionsville Meadows.

..without Dad.

But her life is still
full of its own color.

by loving family...

Football games

Her computer

and IPad.

The last bright color of fall
can be so sweet.

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  1. such a tech savvy gma =) thats the best kind of gma =) love the leaf pics as usual but really enjoyed the "last leaf" pics cool contrast