Friday, October 29, 2010

The Birches

A mysterious box
arrives at our house.

It is huge!

What could it be?

Tom opens it with care...

...unwraps the tissue...

...and finds...

The Birches!

Three panels
of lightweight tung wood
hand carved
into graceful birches.

Is this box for me?

We have wanted
something special
above our fireplace
since we bought this house
two years ago.

We had to cover
the large gaping hole
where the television
had been

The next trick
is how do I put them up?

What is he doing in there?

Do we put them over
the old brown cloth?

I can help!

This is a delicate operation.

I don't need kitty help.


I'll go play in the box.


The Birches are raised...

....and everyone
is content.


  1. what a trying day for my poor bad kitty!!! but at least he got a box out of it =D i love the birches btb =) good job dad!

  2. Very nice. Where did you get those?

  3. The Viva Terra catalogue. One of our favorites. Eco living with style.