Sunday, October 3, 2010

Colorful Westfield Ride

I want to do a century today.

But Kitty wants a walk first.

How can I refuse?

Hurry up, Kitty.

The sun is rising

and I need

to get on bike.

Clip on the directions...

...and off I go!

Google maps always sends me to 146th Street.

I hate 146th Street.

The drivers yell at me to get on the sidewalk.

And the sidewalk ends!

I buzz past Noblesville today.

I'm on my way to Frankton

- 46 miles away.

I stop at Walgreens
on my way out of town.

It's pretty scary!

Ripley waits patiently...

...while I buy a map.

No getting lost today!

I'm off for 100 miles!

I turn North up the Monon trail.

Who is this Alyn Bernell guy anyway?

At mile one they have a wonderful display

telling me just who Alyn Bernell is.

An ordinary citizen,

he worked for 10 years to get this leg of the Monon trail built.

What a wonderful accomplishment in life!

Life is so much sweeter

when you dedicate yourself

to a cause... a community garden

...a playground

...or a trail.

And see your dream...

...come to fruition.

But no fruition for this ride!


Still under construction!

So I turn around and try the road!

There's no winning today!

This is slowing me down.

How can I finish my 100 miles?

I'll try crossing up to 161st street

through Viking Meadows!

Pretty nice route actually.

They even protect their waterways

with signs by the drainage grates.

I appreciate that!

And I begin to see fall color!

I love this time of year!

And speaking of protecting our waterways...

I come across this lovely wetlands park!

I set down my bike

and follow the walkway.

With this drought...

...not much wetland left.

Biking past subdivisions...

they all like to call themselves Woods...

....but don't they know

a Woods isn't just grass and trees.

It's all the spectacle of

the woodland floor

full of mayapples and spring beauties...

...the understory

overflowing with berries and nuts.

...and the canopy

drinking in the sun, wind and rain.

I'm tired now...

..and ready for a snack.

But not just a gas station quickie...

I need a place for a picnic!

So nice to find

such a nice park

in the middle of Westfield!

A bench for my snack...

The flowers are so beautiful!

I love sitting and seeing the reflection

of the flower colors

in my Diet Coke.

I relax

and enjoy reading

my new magazine...

a solar tour tomorrow!

That sounds like fun!

OK. No century today.

Look at this charming shop!

How can I ignore a shop

with such bright colors

to attract me?

I wander up the stairs....

I love the light flowing

in the windows....

....filling the lamps

with color.

I see a wreath

for my Mother's door...

...and a sign

for my husband.

OK. I want to get in

a few more biking miles today.

I almost make it up to Sheridan

....but then I stop

to pick up

a few lonely acorns

for home.

Look at the time!

I have to turn around for home

if I'm going to make it

for dinner!

Back through Westfield

I need to stop

and admire

this lady's garden.

What beautiful colors!

And she has lamb's ears!

KC's favorites.

While I'm down taking pictures of the lamb's ears...

I shoot up for the daisies.

I should find this lady's name

and send her a picture

of her home.

Back I go through Viking Meadows.

What a classy logo.

Who designed that?

A few simple lines...

and it's an elegant stallion.

Lovely subdivision.

I think I'll bike through here

even when the Monon

is fixed.

This time

we'll cross 146th Street

and find a route east

on a safer road.

The Monon

is full of shadows

this time of day.

We're all

rushing home


What is that overpass

I just went under?

Better check out

the map on the trail.

Here I am.

At the lively Arts District of Carmel.

Gotta get home.

I shouldn't stop

to enjoy

the colors of this tree.

But the colors of fall

stop me

just one mile from home.

How can I resist?

I take the pictures

as this lady

studies so intently

which pumpkin to choose.

Home finally...

to my men...

...and to the colors

of the sky.


  1. doesn't seem like biking a century to me =P

  2. What a wonderful day--an what amazing parks, gardens etc you have nearby.

  3. You're right, KC.
    I only got in 48 miles.
    But I got some great pictures!