Monday, November 1, 2010


November is brown.

...and gray

...and dark.

It's a good time
to gather round
a warm fire...

...for s'mores.

I can expect some
bad weather biking...




But I'll bike
all the same.

I will be biking less, that's for sure.

So this is my learning season.

Every year I use the winter to gain a new skill.

One year
it was French.


Last year, I read about the lands
I would see
biking across America.

This year, photography.

That big bike ride
got me way excited
about taking pictures.

I've been browsing photo books.

And I used my birthday money
for a new camera.

Oh, don't worry.

I'll still bike with the old G11
around my neck.

No, the new camera is for
my more sedate days...

watching kitties...

walking dogs...

(or running dogs
as the case may be)

enjoying the birds...

..and, of course,

sharing my new photos
on my blog.


  1. no no no no no no what you should be learning this yr is arabic! come on at least learn how to write in arabic =) plzzzzzzzzzzzzzz but i do love your photos especially those of my kitty!

  2. OK, KC. I'll learn 3 letters in arabic a day. How's that?