Monday, November 8, 2010


Take a picture
in your garage.

That's my homework.

You see,
I'm taking a photo class.

And to stretch our boundaries
our instructor gives us
- ahem -
creative assignments.

In the garage...

But which one?

I hate to admit it, but I have four.

Of course, there is one at Brixton,
but it is boring.

It holds cars...

...and a ping-pong table.

Good for action.

But not great for photoing.

Skip the Brixton garage.

There's the garage at The Land.

It's a mess!

Falling apart.

I can take photos there
of sharkball...

....and Nicky grafitti.

But not much else.

Then at Jeffery Street
we are graced with two garages
like ears on either side
of the houseface.

One to hold the cars...

...and one for storage.

The storage one
has possibilities...

It's full of memories...

Al's old bike, George, is a photo op.

Up close.

Fill the frame.

We have
the old hand mower...

...and the suitcase on wheels.

If you like round things.

Tons of boxes
Bushels of memories.

Perishable? Yes.

But not picturesque.

Ah, my favorite
is KC's broken fan!

The rule of thirds!

Leading lines!


It's amazing
what odd things
can be beautiful...

...when you're stuck
in a garage.


  1. really good pics mom! wish i could take a photo class before egypt but i'll stick to you teaching me some photography =)

  2. Why didn't we get to see all of these in class? We were stuck with the fan. I mean...the fan was cool and interesting, but some of the others are

    I love the one of the college memories. That one is priceless, and yes, quite photogenic. The photos tell the story as much as the words. And yes, I agree, it's amazing what can be beautiful or interesting, even in a garage.

  3. I was following Rules of Thirds, etc... College Memories just didn't fit any of her categories. That's why I need the blog.