Saturday, November 27, 2010

My Christmas List

Give me
a Gift of Time.

All I want
for Christmas...

France 2007

 for you
to bike ride
with me.

Vermont 2010

....and to
bike ride
with me.

Plant a tree
with me.

Let's play

...or Nertz.

We can kayak...

or Walk
in the Woods.

Take pictures
with me.

Let's go on 
an adventure!

Give me
a gift of time
this Christmas.

Because time 
is the greatest gift 
of all!


  1. good...nice christmast..God bless you always.

  2. why is bike ride listed twice =P and i'll play nertz with you whenever! just plan to be beat! =D

  3. ...because I really like bike rides :D

  4. I tell budding young parents that time will be what is most demanded and desired of them. Kids don't want your money, or even gifts, as much as they want time with you.
    We're very excited to spend time with you this X-mas and I need to get on my bike so I'm in shape to spend time with you in Death Valley!

  5. Thanks for joining in on my carnival!