Thursday, November 18, 2010

Photo Class

Spin the camera
while you
shoot the picture.

Now try zooming
during the shot.

Would you ever know
these are pictures
of the flowers
Tom bought me?

We're learning
all kinds of crazy things
at my Tuesday night
photo class.

We meet at Cuppy's.

We bring our own cameras.

Some Nikon...

Some Canon...

...and one rebel Olympus.

This week's homework
was shutter speed.

We would slow down
the speed
and see the blur
of cars
on 116th Street.

Or increase
the speed
to freeze action.

The hardest was panning
where you follow the action
to keep his hands in focus
while the background
whizzes by.

it's time to learn aperture...

We set our apertures
low or high...

And wander the room
taking pictures
of random objects...

A Cocoa sign...

Some colorful games....

My lemonade glass...

We shoot up...

We shoot down...

Then we pause
and lower
the camera....

...while our instructor

I'm learning a lot... I'll be able
to take
better pictures...

...of Dusty.


  1. your photo class seems awesome i love seeing the pictures you take for class =) and of course you can now teach me stuff =D

  2. Great class!

  3. Helen, this was awesome. And all that time I thought you were just goofing around with the settings and taking random pictures. What a great storytelling job you did! I love the end too. That was awesome and made me laugh out loud!

  4. Glad you liked it , Tim. I really liked how intent everyone was at that class.