Thursday, November 11, 2010

Blue November Sky

I lied to you.

I didn't mean to.

In all my memory
November has been
a gray month.

and dreary.

What can I say
when this November
sports such blue skies?

I was wrong.

Not only bright,
but warm!

Seventy degrees today!

The scooters
wait outside
for kids
to come home from school.

is out

I see Nancy
out cutting
her honeysuckle.

I have an idea, Nancy.

Instead of just cutting,
let's plant something.

I could see
filling this understory
with dogwoods and

Sargent road
could explode
with pinks and whites
in the spring.

And in the fall
instead of those
empty calories
of honeysuckle berries...

...our migrating songbirds
could feast
on the nutritious
berries of the dogwoods.

We still have fall color
here this November.

I can't remember
when the red maples
have lasted this long.

The gingko tree
lost all his leaves
in one quick whoosh
on Saturday.

It's not all good
I warn you.

This warm weather
we enjoy
the natural order
of things.

Birds fly south
before the berries
have ripened to feed them.

Hungry birds
collapse on migration.

Insects proliferate
and eat bark
that should feed the bears.

Hungry bears
starve in the winter.

Much as I enjoy
my bike ride in November

I know
it's dangerous to mess
with Mother Nature.

I try not to think about it
as I bike blithely
down to Fort Ben.

I see
more fishermen...

A lovely walkway
over the wetland...

in t-shirts.

No jackets needed today!

She asks about my RAIN jersey.

I think how ironic
to wear this
since it doesn't rain
in Indiana anymore.

I take my own picnic
at the Sycamore shelter.

I lose track of time.

Luckily Ripley reminds me
I need to go
pick up Mom
from dialysis.

We speed back
past Falling Tree Way...

...past Sunnyside school
(sunnier than last time)...

...past houses baking in the sun.

I think of my solar tour.

They could cut air conditioning in half
by putting awnings
over these big south windows.

Maybe I should tell them.

I swerve to miss
a woolly-bear
in the road.

I hear the woolly bears
are predicting
a mild winter, too.

Spin into
Spyglass Hills...

I have to pause and smile
to see the sidewalk chalk
waiting for school to get out.

I get home
to a clean garage...

(thanks to my recent
photo assignment)

And off to dialysis
just in time to get Mom
and take her home...

...on this beautiful blue
November day.


  1. We have beautiful blue skies and 70 degrees as well today. its not that unusual though. Got my registration for Death Valley and I have the day off. Norma's taking the kids hiking with friends So I'll try to get in a ride as well!
    Why were you picking up Mother? Did her normal driver have the day off?

  2. ok 1) love the pictures!!!!!! 2) gingko trees are awesome =) we have one on campus and i love their leaves! 3) GLOBAL WARMING lol love it or hate it? 4) North Carolina Wooly Worms are predicting a mild winter as well! we actually have wooly worm races =P

  3. Glad you all liked the post. It was fun to photograph - except that woolly bear - they are tough to photograph.
    Chris, if you want to know why I picked up Mom, you'll have to read tomorrow's blog.