Monday, November 1, 2010

Tom's Cats


     Write a blog about Dusty’s ears, 
      Tom says.

-What?! I ask.

Tom goes on...

- His ears are so interesting.

Dusty can move
his ears independently.

When he’s hunting,
both ears go forward.

When he’s mad,
the ears go back.

And when I call him
he turns one ear towards me.

Yes, Tom, but what is really interesting
is how crazy you are
about this silly cat.

Tom had never had a cat
when he met me.

I had my Merlin cat...

..a Humane Society kitty
that looked like a Maine Coon cat.

KC insists that Tom just married me
so he could live with Merlin.

Tom adored Merlin
and Merlin loved Tom.

Every night Tom would watch television
with Merlin asleep on his lap.

At age 16 Merlin was hit by a car
and killed.

Tom was devastated.

A week later I tentatively
raised the idea of getting a new cat.

To my surprise Tom said - I had been thinking the same thing.

We should get a Maine Coon kitten.

...and I had already found one in Indy.

We got our new 
Maine Coon kitty, 
Dusty, the next day.

Tom now loves his Dusty

and watches his ears

...and feeds him all the time.

And Dusty is kind enough
to let him.


  1. FAVORITE BLOG OF ALL TIME =) i miss beasty he was such an amazing cat! he loved my tiger blanket and while dad was his clear favorite he was also my kitty i remember getting Dusty and I was ticked you got him! I didn't like his color! but now he is my gorgeous head and he sleeps on MY chair hehe

  2. I loved Merlin! I can't count how many times I brushed him while Tom made dinner. That was just as important as making sure the kids were fed & bathed. I never thought I'd meet a more spoiled cat, but it sounds like Dusty is right up there with Merlin. :) I think I'm going to have to agree with KC about Tom marrying into Merlin's family, Helen, although I do think you've grown on him over the years. :)

  3. Helen, your blog has answered a question my family has been asking for two years. We acquired a rescue cat two years ago. The cat, in our opinion, is very oddly shaped being smaller in the front with short hair and larger in the rear with longer hair and a crazy blume for a tail. Her hair is silky and she has some wildly long whiskers on her face. She has a bit of attitude so we named her Murphy Brown. We've thought all this time that we just had a crazy mix of a short and a long haired cat...until I read your blog and looked at Dusty's pictures. I googled Maine Coon Cats and found our Murphy Brown! ( I would like to say she now has a new place of honor among our pets, but she was the queen to begin with and you can't go higher than that. Thanks for solving our mystery! :)

  4. Glad we solved your mystery, Teresa. Maine coons are great cats - very distinctive. We've loved both of ours.