Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Brixton Cats

I think
I like it
here at Brixton.

I lived alone
for a year
at Jeffery Street
after my friends died.

And a month ago
I finally moved
with my family
to Brixton.

It's nice here.

I have TJ!

..and Tom!

I know Dusty
doesn't mind
sharing his food...

And certainly
he doesn't mind
me playing with
his favorite catnip toy.

After all
for years Dusty
has had to get
all the attention.

...all those walks.

...he's been adored
for long enough.

It's time someone
put Dusty
in his place!

He goes around
that ridiculous tail!

I'm very proud
of my little stub.

After all, Dusty, 
It's not that I need 
all the attention.

I can share.

There are
plenty of cushions
for both of us here.

And a little exercise
in the morning
will do you some good.

I'm glad you
have welcomed
me into your house....

or should I say...
our house.


  1. omg amazing! thank you thank you thank you! i needed a kitty blog =D looks like bubbsie is very happy in his new home and dad is enjoying the attention of two adorable kitties! =)

  2. I wanted to end the post with a picture of the two cats curled up together...but it hasn't happened yet.