Wednesday, November 10, 2010

My Nephew Calvin

He's a chip
off of the old block!

Well, he chipped
from my brother Chris,
but you get the idea.

Last week Calvin
biked 25 miles
to raise money
for the flood victims in Pakistan.

Friends joined him
for support
on this arduous journey....

...and he raised $500!

Let's see,
he's eight years old.

At his age I had never biked
more than the one mile
to Parker School.

At this rate
he'll be biking around the world
in high school!

Maybe I inspired him.

Before the big ride across America
when Al and I
were dipping our tires
in the Pacific Ocean...

Calvin and his family
dipped tires, too
down in San Diego.

Little Solana
got a dip.

And Calvin
did more than just dip.

He looks like he's ready
to bike to the Atlantic!

Wedged between
two sisters,
he's a middle child
like me.

And to add
to the family resemblance...

He's also been known
to plant a tree!

My nephew, Calvin.

I'm proud of him!


  1. By the way, I didn't take most of these pictures - my brother, Chris did. I stole them from his Facebook page. ;)

  2. OK I've got try to post again! Of course Calvin was inspired by the 80 for Haiti ride you sponsored me on! Thanks for the props!

  3. Hey it worked! I've left my google account (which I can never remember because I never use it) signed on on my laptop so as long as I never (or it never) signs out I'll be able to comment more!
    On a side note my friend / former student Jen, living in London, was also very impressed by Calvin's efforts and noted that the devastation in Pakistan continues to make headline news there whereas in the US it has largely fallen by the way-side.

  4. You have an awesome nephew!! It makes me very happy to see young people like him! Peace, Stephanie