Friday, November 5, 2010

This Old House

- I think they want to buy your house,
says Susan, the real-estate lady.

Of course they do!

Is there a better house
on the planet
to raise a family?

The dining room
may look sedate now...

...but it was the site
of many a
furious Monopoly match!

Yes, it's a luxury bathtub...

...but it's best use
is when shared.

The large kitchen
is perfect
for decorating Christmas cookies.

And that kitchen window?

Food scraps
thrown out that window
never hit the ground.

The backyard?

It cries out
for a sandbox...

...and swingset

...and kids!

The basketball hoop
is lonely... is Marshall.

(but she doesn't come with the house.)

I warn you -
this front door
opens to all
the neighborhood kids...

...even when they forget to knock.

...and the steps
are a favorite place
for dog games.

I wouldn't be telling the truth
if I told you water balloons
had never been thrown
from my bedroom window....

...or that this roof
had never been climbed.

But what I can tell you... that this house
has been well-loved...

...and it's ready
for a new family.


  1. wow....that was an incredible blog! those pictures of the house now were great matched with those from the past. and the newer pictures showed the house in a whole new way! and of course i love pics of my rottie and marshmarsh =)

  2. It was fun taking pictures of The Old House and remembering you all growing up.

  3. That was a tear jerker, Helen--and lovely... it's hard to go there for me :)--Vicki

  4. Ah, yes, Vicki, it's hard to go back home again.