Monday, November 8, 2010

Climbing Trees

I love trees.

My visit to Meltzer Woods
reminded me how much.

As I bike around Geist today
I thought I'd be sad
to see all the trees
bare of leaves.

But now
with the leaves all gone
I notice the beautiful
structure of the trees.

Now there's
a great climbing tree!

Get up to that first branch
and you can climb
to the sky!

My kids have always been
avid tree climbers.

(probably because I'm
scared of heights).

Alex, especially.

From age 6...


She's still climbing trees
at college!

Tom tried his hand
at building them tree houses.

Sometimes the kids
would help.

they were't a success.



Now there's a tree house!

Right along my Geist Hills route.

It's got three levels
taking you to the top!

I hate hurting a beech tree,
but this is way cool.

I could sit up here all day
and read a book...

...or take photos.

But the day is getting late.

Mitch Daniels tells the sun
to set now at 5:30.

So the only climbing
I'll be doing...

...will be into bed.


  1. tj called them poinky trees =P and they will get really pretty once IN gets some ice storms =D lol the ice is bad but soo pretty. and the sun sets at 5:30??? =O i have noticed that it is sunny earlier wakes me up lol but we still have a normal sundown

  2. Love the old photos ma. that tree I'm climbing when I was little was in front of grandma millie's house. I didn't know we still had that picture. and the tree out front where nicky is helping dad nail steps is LeanAnn aka Jasmine.


  3. And the tree for your high school shot, of course, is Ferdinand.