Monday, September 13, 2010

Umbrellas at Penrod Arts Fair

It never rains on Penrod.

That's what they say.

But this year the Penrod Arts Fair

brought out the umbrellas.

I know there's a chance of rain when I leave home.

Clouds shroud the sunrise.

Soon raindrops spatter my windshield.

There's a commotion on the bridge ahead.

Remember 9-11, they cry.

The truckers all honk and wave.

Rain won't stop this man

from reminding us

what happened nine years ago


But my mission today

is Penrod....

Indy's biggest art festival

and traditionally...

Indiana's Nicest Day.

But not this year.

Rain be danged.

Like the man with the flag

I won't be daunted.

I need Christmas earrings for my girls...

....and a wolf picture for the boy.

I have a new rule.

Every gift I give for Christmas

should include a photo

of the person

who made the gift.

My gifts will come from people

not factories.

I take a break

from shopping

for the puppet show.

But I'm not watching the puppets.

It's so much fun

watching the reactions

of kids

and all.

...and not just their faces.

But back to work.

I have a problem.

At home we have a hole above the fireplace.

Tom has artfully covered it with a lovely brown cloth.

And Al wants us to find something for The Big Empty in the foyer.

This gorgeous photo catches my eye.

Tom suggests the picture could go above fireplace...

and his brown cloth could go in foyer?

Wait! Here's a publishing display!

Maggie says they could help me publish my bike blog!

Wouldn't that be awesome?

The rain returns

in force.

And, no, I don't have an umbrella.

But I love taking photos of umbrellas...

The colors!

The expressions!

The art!

The rain begins to fade...

but I have one more stop...

Don Edward's Pottery!

This was always TJ's favorite part of Penrod.

When T was this age he would spend hours spinning and laughing with Don Edwards.

Young hands and old swirling the pots.

Don's jokes bring peals of laughter.

This is the heart of Penrod for me.

The joy of art.

The love of family.

The pleasure

of being together....

At Penrod Arts Fair...


nicest day.


  1. Helen, I loved reading this--you have a gift. Your photographs are wonderful and the accompanying writing is perfect. That made my day :)
    Vicki W

  2. awwwwww =( i miss penrod!!!! but those umbrella pics are awesome!

  3. Hi Helen! This is Heidi from the Melchior Marionettes. Ironically enough... the pictures of the kids watching the show were mine... both the little one scowling on my husbands lap and the "shoes"! Hee hee!!! This was a great journal of your day! thanks for sharing!

  4. Thank you! I'm so glad you all liked my blog.

    Heidi - you have adorable kids. I love the scowl.

  5. Dear Helen -- this was so beautiful. I found it as link on my blog. As a member of the art fair community for over 30 years I am very touched by it. You have captured so well why people love to attend the events, plus the souls of the makers of the art. Thank you so much.

    Connie Mettler