Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Prairie Love

I love our Prairie!

When I've had a tough day at work...

When I've looked in that microscope and seen cancer staring back...

When I sign the word malignant to the name of a friend...

That's when I need the prairie most.

I wander Tom's random paths.

The grasses sway overhead with the dance of the wind.

A thistle startles me with its brilliant color.

A moth soothes me with its gentle flight.

I love the prairie as fall draws near.

The grasses glow - golden and warm.

I breathe in that special prairie scent -

a mixture of grass

and goldenrod,

bee balm

and aster.

I can feel my blood pressure relax...

my lungs expand...

...my heart open up.

Photo by Jennifer Schlick

The songs of the goldfinches flit through the grasses.

They love the purple thistles.

...as do the butterflies.

The monarchs need the prairie for a resting place...

a quick drink of nectar

before the long flight to Mexico...


for the birthplace of their ancestors.

When you can have prairie...

...why would you have lawn?

In the midst of this drought the lawn grasses are dull and crunchy.

We work so hard...




...and still the lawn laments the drought.

While the prairie soars high...

celebrates the bright summer sky...

fills its pathways with




brings adventure to boys and puppies.

and connection to friends long apart.

And the prairie's soft whisper

brings peace and calm

to a lone pathologist

in need of

prairie love.


  1. yay for the land!!! =) that praying mantis picture cracked me up! again i only saw the butterfly at first then noticed Xander reaching his arms up to EAT the butterfly =P do praying mantises eat butterflies?

  2. According to the Wikipedia article on mantises...

    Insects form the primary diet, but larger species have been known to prey on small lizards, frogs, birds, snakes, fish and even rodents.

    I think that butterfly was in trouble.