Friday, September 24, 2010

The Hills of Geist

Photo by Connie Schmucker

The Hilly Hundred...

...only 2 weeks away!

I need to get

my legs

into shape!

Now Indiana

has a reputation

for being flat...

Luckily, Map My Fitness

has a route


The Hills of Geist.

And it starts

only two miles

from my front door.

I hear rumor of rain

(and we really need it)

so I take off

in my trusty yellow jacket.

I love biking near home

because I see things

I would zip right by

in the car.

Lovely church.

I've driven by it

100 times

and never stopped

for a look.

These hills aren't long

but they have the steep

to work

the thighs.

Pause to pick up a buckeye.

It's good luck

to carry

a buckeye in your pocket.

And I may be needing luck on the Hilly Hundred.

The route takes me off

Sargent road.

Lovely neighborhoods

never seen before.

And I see things

I never expected to see...

like an old fighter plane

near Fort Ben.

I'm enjoying

the sights of fall.

Walnuts remind me

of growing up

on Hosier Drive

in New Castle.

Now there was a hill!

The Colts mailbox

reminds me of my Mom

- such an avid Colts fan.

The hills are working my legs.

While my mind wanders

up and down

of its own accord.

I get a little lost -

is that typical?

But when I spot old Dan Henrys

on the road I know

its a good place to bike.

As long as I have

hills and good roads -

who cares where I am?

My legs churn up slope.


I know this place!

Tom and I played golf here

the day he proposed

25 years ago.

Did that change my life?

A bright red maple

on a watered green lawn.

Time to get out

the leaf rakes!

We loved

 raking the leaves into piles.

Loved the warm crunch

of jumping in.

But look!

 Here's my farmer's market!

Hot peppers!

Bright colors.

Brighter taste!

Too hot for me!

My weekly basket


cool cauliflowers



a crinkly pumpkin.

KC and I are ready for...

Pumpkin pies



It's our favorite holiday!

But today the rain finally falls.

Just after my bike ride ends.

...and I have a long drive home

to New Castle... rest my hill-weary legs.

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  1. pick me up a buckeye i love them! (no really do) and are those our Halloween books we used to have a good collection i wonder if they are still around. i remember them all =) Halloween rocks!