Saturday, September 18, 2010

KC's Going to Egypt

KC is going to Egypt!

Don't let her go - said my friends from The Big Bike Ride.

It's dangerous, they said.

But they don't know KC.

She's stubborn




And she has been studying hieroglyphics

- on her own -

since high school.

She says her love of Egypt

started as a child

when Al taught her summer school.

Her room is full of Egypt...

...her favorite book... Egyptian dagger...

...and from Penrod...

an Egyptian story board.

This one tells the life of a cat.

It says if you care for a cat in this life...

He will take care of you in the afterlife.

I think Tom will have a good afterlife.

KC has had a life of adventure...

She has biked the coast of Ireland

with her Mom...

....met a monkey

in the wilds of Peru...

...wrestled with Aaron

in the calms

of Wisconsin...

and fallen out of her kayak

into the dark waters

of the Everglades

at night.

KC now studies Arabic

at ASU...

...and reads Nefretiti

for fun.

And in January

- the day before her 20th birthday -

KC will fly to Egypt...

...her life long dream.


  1. Wow. Such a good story! What a good job!
    I love you KC! Peace be with you.
    Lisa Perdue (a friend of your Mom)

  2. =D awesome blog mom but a may be a little biased about it =)

  3. ...a great adventure, congrats!! K says he wants to go too. LD

  4. Thomas Steussy-WilliamsSeptember 20, 2010 at 3:39 PM

    im jealous :) sept for the part about falling into the everglades... haha :P but it was fun pushing u in :D

  5. kitty can come with me dad! =P and TJ you are a scuz =D