Friday, September 17, 2010

Dark Morning Ride

Turn out the light.

Phoenix is waiting in the dark.

PBJs packed for the ride.

The neighbor's light guides my path.

I have no headlight

this dark morning.

Only a tail light to keep me safe

Will I survive?

The school bus gathers the shuffling kids.

Could someone tell Governor Daniels

Indiana should be in the central time zone?

We don't need the sunlight so much after dinner.

We need it now.

Each day gets darker.

Every night a little longer.

Every ride a little scarier.

Passing the brave courthouse...

The tower of New Castle.

A few lonely people fill up

before the day begins.

The porch light left on.

Dad may be coming home

from night shift.

As I near the hospital

I see light shimmer in the East.

I arrive at last

...and the sun also rises.


  1. i like it a lot! reminds me of driving to the hospital every morning while it was dark and I would always leave for school as the sun was rising over the hospital =)

  2. Love this Helen! Wonderful pictures.

  3. Thank you. But I still wish I could bike to work in the sunlight.

  4. I like it. Thanks for posting on our Facebook page.

  5. I kind of liked not changing time and I enjoyed your photo essay.