Monday, September 20, 2010

Fair Day in Indiana

It's a Fair Day in Indiana!

All over Indiana


art fairs

church fairs

and food fairs.

So put down the cat, TJ,

and let's go fairing!

...starting right down the street

at the Fishers Art in the Park

and Farmer's Market.

We've come

looking for mums.

Two mums will brighten

our Jeffery Street doorway.

Baby pumpkins for sale...

We enjoy watching

the pumpkin painters...

This is serious business...

This lady will sell you beets!

Interesting wall art...

Is it made out of leather?

No, bicycle tires!

It's the last

of the Indiana sweet corn...

Personally delivered

by son and wife.

Would you buy worms from these guys?

I did.

And the composting bin to go with them.

Gotta stop by this bakery stand...

Gluten free scones



Tom will be thrilled!

TJ's not so interested in the art and food.

He's too busy checking out the cars.

Sorry, TJ, we gotta go.

I have a fair

in Muncie

to go to now!

It's the Living Lightly Fair.

I'm sorry I had to drive to get here.

Some people got to bike...


at the fair

they offer

alternative transportation!

I specifically came

to hear William Stant.

He talked about SRI - socially responsible investing.

My money works for me every day.

I want my pension plan 

to support my values...

Clean energy


Maybe with Bill's help 

I can finally do that.

Back to the fair....

... to see 

the wheelbarrow decorating contest....

...the kayak demonstrations...

And my personal favorite booth...

Barry Banks is helping 

moderate the fair...

...and raising money to buy Camp Munsee.

Today he is successful!

He raised

two thousand dollars more 

to buy this beautiful woodland.

Just $13,000 more to go!

As I turn to leave for home

I notice 

this magnificent sculpture 

out front.


A huge spiral of steel and glass...

it collects the sun's rays

and casts rainbows and shadows... 

like a kaleidoscope sundial

highlighting the dance 

of the days and the seasons.

I drive home 

watching incredible flocks 


...for the autumn flight.


I'd say this has been

a fair day 

in Indiana.


  1. i hope you bought me some of those halloween things!!! but fair day in IN looked awesome am very jealous (more jealous of TJ getting to hold my cat tho...)

  2. I think of you, KC, whenever I see Halloween things...or Egypt things... or Kitty.