Saturday, September 25, 2010

Publishing the Blog?

- Don't publish your blog

says brother Ed.

- Waste of time.

Ed has more faith in the internet than I do.

I like the idea of having

something tangible

to show for my 50 day

ride across the country.

Besides, there's the attic factor.

Someday I want my grandchild to be able to explore an attic...

...find a dusty old book...

....and read the adventure of her

Mom and Grandmom

biking across America.

So today I face

the faceless city

to meet a book publisher

about my blog.

I am not one for cities.

I feel cut off from the sky...

...the world.

The sheer mass of buildings



overwhelms me.

I want to go running

back to a quiet place...

...where I can hear

my own thoughts.

...lost in the caverns

of a creepy

parking garage

I wend my way

out to the city...

...following the stiff

high-heeled walk

of city dweller.

To the halls of the IBJ

who might publish my blog.

They have lovely books

they've bound and printed.

Maybe that's the problem...

they feel too bound...

...too restricted

in time and space.

My blog feels lighter than that...

A flight of fancy

free to hyperlink

across the open web.

...full of white space...

Words and pictures

woven together


The lady suggests compressing the blog.

All pictures on one page...

text on the next...

making it manageable.

Maybe it's this new rebellious streak...

I don't want to be


But I also want

that dusty old book....

...for the someday



  1. for sure get it published! so Kitty can sleep on it =D

  2. I understand how you feel. The scent, feel and personal nature of a book is ultimate. Go to - take your time and view their products. You can do a picture book (if you just want a few for personal/family use) for dirt cheap - or you can self publish through them or even do an on-demand print thingee. Good luck to you! STACEY MAUPIN TORRES

  3. great blog! it really captured the moment for me