Wednesday, September 22, 2010

The Glory of Summer 2010

Summer ends today...

The cicada has shed his skin.

The flower has faded.

The butterfly's wing frayed.

But there is sweetness

in the faded flower...

...the tattered wing

They hold the memory

of the glory

that was

the summer

of 2010.

The Bike Ride across America...

The Brixton Prairie...

The Hunter Cat...

The Happy Dogs...

The Joy of Family Together...

The Bonding of Mother and Daughter...

Sister and Brother...

KC and Cat.

The Summer of 2010

is over

But this is a summer

I will always remember...

....for its glory.


  1. Eh summer '09 was better. but i did love my kitty this summer and having my own car!!! should be an interesting next summer... =P

  2. Lovely photos and sentiments, as always. Happy fall!

  3. powerful blog mom... and KC YOUR car??? :P

  4. Wonderful :=)