Friday, November 12, 2010

Mom's Big Adventure

Put away
the jigsaw puzzle, Mom.

...and turn off
the computer.

It's time for an adventure!

I've already biked
around Geist
this morning...

...enjoyed the fall colors
and fishermen.

You've been spending so much time
working on a book
about my big adventure
biking across America.

Now it's time
for your own adventure!

We toss the wheelchair
in the back of the Prius...

...and find our way
to the Indianapolis Museum of Art.

- Where is the Nature Park?
we ask.

- Down the street, they say.

Luckily I had printed a map...

...but I forgot to bring it.

So we had to wing it.

The paths were not very
wheelchair compatible.

In fact, a couple of times
we would hit a rock and the wheelchair
would tip forward.

Mom would grip the armrests
and hang on for dear life.

Isn't this exciting?

- What is that yellow thing? I ask.

- Oh, that's art, Mom says.

They call it benches.

She's been reading all about this
in the Indianapolis Star.

-What are those
white rocks
those kids are jumping on?

- That's the skeleton, she says.

- See Gabriel there
is standing
on the ribs.

I'm kinda glad
we don't have a map.

It's more of an adventure
not knowing what to expect.

- Is that art?

- yes, says Mom.

That's the Indianapolis Island, says Mom.

Two people lived there this summer
in the middle of the lake.

- How did they go to
the bathroom, I ask.

Mom doesn't know.

This is such
a great adventure
for Mom.

Getting out in the fresh air.

The sense of wonder
and discovery.

This is like
the Mom version
of my big bike ride.

At one point
the roll of the pathway
is like a Mom
roller coaster.

You won't find this
at Zionsville Meadows.

Mom waits patiently
while I explore
the Stratum Pier.

Isn't this beautiful?


I see something green
in the woods ahead...

is it art?

No, it's the John Deere
the gardener left here.

How about that stone wall?

Is that art?'s a tunnel.

Mom goes exploring.

This reminds us both
of the tunnels
I traversed in Wisconsin
on my long ride.

Since she's been working
on this book about my trip
Mom remembers
the tunnels of Wisconsin
as well as I do.

Time to go, Mom.

But wait...

is that art?

...or is it a UFO?

This place is surprising
everywhere you turn.

But now it's back
to Zionsville Meadows.

- come in for a moment, says Mom.

I'm in a hurry.

I have to pack for Georgia.

But I go in.

Oh, my goodness!

It's The Book!

She finished it!

No thought for packing now!

We sit down
and go through the book...

page by page...

picture by picture...

....both of us reliving
the 50 days of riding
my bike
across America!

We get to
the last page...

I return home
to Brixton.

- It's beautiful, I say.
But there's something wrong.

No where does it say
who made
this wonderful book.

- I can fix that, says Mom.

I can inscribe it.

Thank you, Mom.

This is the best gift
anyone will ever give me.


  1. ...a post to remember!

  2. that arts park thing looked awesome yay for nice weather =) and i'm so excited to see gma gene's book! it looks cool!

  3. Maybe Al will bring her copy of Gramma Gene's book to Thanksgiving.

  4. How wonderful that you and your mom had such a beautiful day. Your story brought tears to my eyes. Peace, Stephanie

  5. What a special day with your mom! What an absolutely precious gift from her! Love the inscription. And sweet that you are able to share all of these experiences together.

  6. I don't mean to be anonymous! ~Wilda

  7. I have been following your journey's and this gift from your mom is so special, and I am so excited to be able to have the oppurtunity to see the adventures with you. Your mom looks like she is very proud of you!!!!! Congrats!!!

  8. Oh you went and made me cry! :-) That was just beautiful. You are such a wonderful story teller!!

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