Monday, December 6, 2010

Travel abroad

I love to travel!

Love to
see new places...

new people...

Talk with
the locals.

That means
I get to study
a new language.

I love studying
new languages.

I listen
to their music...

Adorn my walls
with their sayings...

...and read
their books.

I have my French shirt
of expressions....

...and my
Italian shirt
of biking.

I love being able
to talk
in French
to the street artists... Italian
to the local

...speak italiano
to the little
Italian girls...

...and francaise
to little
French boys.

It's important
to speak
the local language.

How else
could we order
these amazing desserts?

the local

with the
local wildlife?

KC and I
even learned
some Gaelic....

...for our
bike trip
in Ireland.

Tom needs to
learn a few words
for when he
gets lost....

...which is often.

My daughters
have learned
the importance
of language.

When Al
first went
to Italy...

...she only
knew the word

But many years later
when she went
to Argentina...


..she learned
to speak Spanish
like a native.

...and KC
learned Monkey
for her trip
to Peru.

My next
big trip
is to
Costa Rica.

Tom and I
are going
on a bike trip there
for our anniversary.

Number 25.

So I'll have to
bone up
on my Spanish.

...and he'll
have to
on his biking... we'll both
be ready

for the next
big adventure

of our lives...


  1. lol dragging dad on another trip! take me instead!!! and come visit me in Egypt =D but we have been to some awesome places and knowing different languages is so much fun =)

  2. I have a good friend (former student, graduated 02?) who has livewd in Costa Rica for the last 3 or more years. I'll have to try to connect you. just sent you a secret X-mas e-mail from my work e-mail. Let me know if you get it. Thanks & keep the blogging up!