Monday, December 13, 2010

Snowstorm Homecoming

It's time for
to come home.

But the weather
is predicted
to be

So I rev up
the old Prius...

..load up
with supplies...

...and head south
to North Carolina.

It's a beautiful drive
through Kentucky
blue mountains.

Waterfalls frozen
in mid-cascade.

I hum
White Christmas
along with Bing.

KC has always
been my
Christmas elf.

Christmas cookies
are her strong point.

It will feel
like Christmas
when KC
comes home.

I arrive
at ASU
just in time.

We have
to get back
over the mountains
before the snow hits!

Hurry up, KC!

Quick stop
in Boone
for some last-minute

Then back
over the mountains
to Tennessee.

It's so beautiful
I want to stop
and linger.

But we have
miles to go...

...and snow
on the way.

KC keeps me awake
by regaling me
with updates
from the last 4 seasons
of Desperate Housewives.

in Knoxville...

...and an early start
the next day.

KC offers
to start
the long drive.

Scary clouds
hang threats
over the sky ahead.

I pass the time
deleting photos
in my own desperation
to regain hard drive space.

The day progresses
and the skies
grow dark.

the roads ice up!

Treacherous driving!

- Pull over KC!

I'll take the wheel!

My poor Prius
is covered
with ice.

White knuckles.

Slick roads.

Will we make it
safely home
to Kitty?

Jellico Cats
keep me awake
as the icy road
drones on.

Greensburg at last!

Just 80 miles
to home!

- Put away
the ear buds, KC!

I need your help!

It's really
to snow.

We can
only go
38 mph.

Cars sliding
into the ditches.

Will we
make it home?


It's our exit!

Home at last!

still there!

is so happy
to see KC!

The boys
are, too.

KC's bed
has packages

She makes

...and takes Kitty
for a "carry".

KC is home!

Christmas can begin!


  1. yay the Basey is home =) and i love that the last picture includes duster =D but thanks for coming to pick me up!!!

  2. ...good to have everyone back...