Thursday, December 23, 2010

Igor's Christmas

Igor is
my best friend.

Ever since
we grew up
in New Castle, Indiana....

...seeing each other
through extensive

(medical school for me,
vet school for her).


...and now
many years later.
we live
a few miles apart
in Fishers, Indiana.

So an important
Christmas tradition
has become
the family get-together.

We decorate
the house...

Tom hits
the grocery store...

Al makes
a cake...

And Kitty
takes a snooze.

Finally they arrive
and my kids
greet her Amelia
with open arms.

The kids settle
on sofa
and chatter away...

Igor's husband, Mike,
gets to work...

You see,
we have
a Christmas tree
with a huge rootball...

...too heavy to get
in the house, Tom says.

But Mike is equal
to the challenge...

They hoist it
out of the garage...

Wheel it down
the hallway....

Take a break
in the kitchen.

Now on into
the great room.

Set it up!

Stubby watches,
as KC and Al
settle the tree.

Light it up
and Ka-zam!

The Steussy-Williams
Christmas tree.

We settle down
to Tom's good dinner.

A glass of wine
for us all.

A toast to
Christmas time
with good friends.

Then off
to the traditional
Borders trip.

Kids browse
the aisles.

No better way
to learn how Amelia
has changed over the year
then to buy her a book.

Murder mysteries
for Igor.

for KC.

Amelia likes style
and photography.

Happy with our books
we pose for one
last group shot.

Oh, no!

Look at that snow!

And I have to
drive to New Castle

Dim lights
in the dark.

I can't see
the road at times.

I can only go 30 mph.

But finally
I make it home
to New Castle puppies....

....and to settle down
in my favorite chair... enjoy
my favorite present.


  1. love the Igor Christmas but you forgot to mention her name is LISA! and I so did not get a vampire book! I got Orson Scott Card who is an amazing author!!!