Sunday, December 5, 2010

Snow in Fishers

I'm dreaming
of a
White Christmas...

And what
to my wondering eyes
should appear...?


We wake up
this morning
to the white stuff.

I face the traffic
on 116th Street... visit
Hamilton Town Center...

...where the workers
bring out the salt...

...and the shovels...

...and the spreaders...

to tackle today's flurry.

Back home
Tom steps out...

He's got birds
to feed.

the feeder
with peanuts.

comes out
to help.

His white paws
aren't too sure
about this white stuff.

- I'm ready
to go back in!

TJ's not too happy
about his
shoveling chore.

is on a mission

Down Brixton Lane.

Past Brixton Creek.

And into
Brixton Woods
he goes.

Like a Friday the 13th Jason
for honeysuckle
he bares his weapon.

- Out, out you go,
Dreaded Honeysuckle!

He grabs
the vanquished limbs
to haul away.

The distant call
of sandhill cranes
draw our eyes

We hear
the cardinal
in the branches...

...feeding on
winter grapes.

The sun sinks...

our white world
to gold....

...and we return home
to the cheer
of Christmas
filling our house.


  1. great pic of dad! =) although the squirrel picture is better...hehe and I LOVE SNOW woooooooooo! Can't wait to be home, in a week, and take my Kitty on walks in the snow =D BK! love the picture of just his paws lol you can tell he is lifting one up because he doesn't like the snow =P

    ps. i assume that Blue Jay pic is dad' is amazing dad!!!

  2. Yes, Tom took the blue jay picture. He took several great photos of the birds I'll share later.

    Looking forward to getting you at ASU next week.