Friday, December 24, 2010


It's a
work of art!

How can someone
take something
as simple
as a cupcake...

...and give
that touch
of heaven?

Chef Marian can!

We were invited come 
take pictures

Thank you,
Photo Coach!

We got to meet
Chef Marian
and her sister, Keila...

They are living
the American dream... open 
your own shop
between Glendale
and Broad Ripple...

...and follow
your passion
for baking sweets... sweet 
to the eye to 
the taste.

S'mores cupcake,

We got to watch
a master
at work...

A simple
chocolate cake...

mixed by hand....


to perfection.

The intensity...

The hands
of a sculptor... artist...

...a lover...

Yes, for you can see
the love that
goes into
every creation... their
sweet store.

...from the rich
warm caramel...
 the amazing

I think
my KC
needs to
get a job here!

The story I heard
was that Chef Marian
once entered
a major cake contest....

People from
all around entered
elaborate cakes...

...huge cakes...

Chef Marian
entered a small
parcha cupcake...

(parcha meaning
passion fruit
in Spanish)

She won
first place....

she came
to Indy.

I'd say
is lucky
to have her.


  1. those cupcakes look too good to be true!!!! would be such an amazing place to work =D

  2. My wife and I would love to taste some of them. So sad were in Puerto Rico. Exito Mariam... I mean Chef Mariam.

    Sem David...

  3. I went in to try something and everything looked so good, I couldn't decide. I bought four things and each as exquisite!! ¡Magnífico!

  4. I had my son's first birthday cupcakes and smash cake from you over the weekend. The cupcakes were a hit very moist and everyone loved them. Keila and Marian thank you so much the alphabet blocks and crayons on the smash cake they were very age appropriate. You will be getting more orders from me and some of my friends very soon. Thanks again.

    Cameron's Mom & Dad