Friday, December 3, 2010

Santa Mom

was always

belonged to him.

From the annual Christmas
shopping trip
at Pogues... the biggest poinsettia
at Meek's Florist.

Dad was
all about

Even in his later years
our highlight
was the big shopping trip
at Borders.

Now it's Mom's turn.

Where do we go
for quality toys
in Indianapolis now?

How about
The Children's Museum?

So after dialysis
I pick up her Starbucks
and we charge off
on a mission.

Mom had never been
to our Children's Museum.

We are greeted
by Santa Dinosaur.

soar over our heads.

And toys beckon
from the museum shop.

Dinosaurs, anyone?

How about trains?

No, Mother
wants a doll.

And not just any doll.

Little Solana
likes to undress.

Mom wants a doll
that will
inspire Solana
to put clothes on.

But the dressing doll
is a disappointment.

So we spin over
to baby dolls.


This is a
tough decision.

Mom ponders
doll virtues
for an hour.

Reading the fine lines.

Feeling for the proper

Checking for
age appropriate.

Finally, she decides.

Madame Alexander, it is!

(and made in America).

Now she wants
to browse.

Mom hasn't been
in a toy store
since I don't know when.

But she wheels through
like a pro.

We recall great toys
of my childhood

...and wonder
at the new toys
of today.

Time for
check out.

I'm just like
your Father - she says.

I didn't even look at a list!

Time to take
all our gifts home.
to sort
and wrap
and set under the tree.

I think Mom
will enjoy the anticipation
of Christmas...

....even more
than little Solana.


  1. yay Christmas =) i'm so excited =D looked like a fun shopping trip!

  2. Helen, you tell such wonderful stories. Even though they aren't very long, I feel as if I went on the trip to the Children's Museum with you. The photos really add something special to your stories, and that's a whole other dimension. I just love reading your blog and seeing your photos.

  3. Yes, Mom talked about the trip on my phone call yesterday. Sounds like a fun trip! Are you taking her book shopping as well?

  4. She is invited to book shopping, but at this point she has declined. The option stays open.
    She and I have other Christmas surprises to work on.

  5. The beginning pictures really show how much quality has improved for camera's over the years.

  6. very sweet. we'll keep the secret safe. sure the credit card pic is a good idea?

  7. Credit card pic. I blurred the numbers.
    It was a delightful shopping experience.